List of available topics for STP/Master thesis


Name Category Experimental Numerical Theoretical
Advanced drone design DRONES
Automatic Mesh Generation
Design/development of reentry experiment
Development of experimental measurement technics in high-enthalpy flows
Electric propulsion modeling
Experimental orbital flow reproduction and material testing in Drag-On
Experimental reentry flow reproduction and material testing in Plasmatron
High-Order Methods for Flow Simulation
Hypersonic Aerodynamics and Aerothermodynamics
Lattice-Boltzmann methods
Mesh Adaptation Methods
Meteor modeling
Model Development
Numerical reentry flow reproduction and material simulations
Physics of high-speed flows
Planetary Reentry simulations
Plasma flows modeling and simulation
Plasma sheath modeling
Rarefied flow modeling and simulation
Shape Optimization
Space debris modeling
Wind tunnel testing capabilities


Name Category Experimental Numerical Theoretical
Additive manufacturing in heat exchangers
Aeroacoustics in ground/air transportation, wind energy and industrial systems
Aerodynamics of Unmanned Air Systems and novel aircraft architectures (including Urban Air Mobility)
Anti- and de-icing techniques for airfoils
Data-driven CFD model development for complex turbulent flows
Effect of wind and storm on built environment and city life
Flow Induced Vibration and mitigation
Fluid dynamics in industrial processes
Machine Learning in Fluid Dynamics
Multiphase heat transfer in low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants
Multiphase modelling and simulations for innovative systems
Non-intrusive and intrusive instrumentation development for single and multiphase flows
Pollutant dispersion in atmospheres
Thermal-hydraulics of liquid metal flows for metallurgy and nuclear applications
Weather Research and Forecasting
Wind and Wave loading on floating and fixed structures
Wind turbine and wind farm wake modeling


Name Category Experimental Numerical Theoretical
Design methods for turbomachinery concepts and components No category
Development and application of measurement techniques for turbomachinery flows No category
Experimental aerodynamics and heat transfer of axial compressors No category
Experimental aerodynamics and heat-transfer of axial turbines No category
Hybrid electric propulsion No category
Hypersonic and supersonic propulsion systems No category
Machine learning for turbomachinery, numerical modelling and design optimization No category
Numerical simulation and multi-disciplinary optimization of turbomachinery components No category
Quantum computing algorithms for fluid dynamics No category
Rotating detonation engine technology and pressure-gain combustion No category
Turbomachinery aeroelasticity and fluid-structure interaction No category
Turbulence and laminar-turbulent transition in compressible turbomachinery and propulsion flows No category